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My name is Alex and I am a 26-year old Front End Web Developer from Northampton, England.

I've been a Web Developer since I graduated Uni in July 2015 and since then I've gathered about 4 years of experience across 2 jobs; as a Junior Web Developer at a Photography Company and as a Frontend Web Developer at a Design Agency.

I love Web Development for one, simple fact; Web Developers can build and create stuff with words.

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Alex Welch, Northampton based Front End Web Developer

My Experience

Pixifoto // Junior Web Developer

July 2016 - July 2017

Pixifoto was a Family Photography company that was typically stationed within Mothercare stores around the UK and Ireland. My role there was an internal developer role in the main UK office, focused on maintaining and improving the website.

This was my first professional role as a Web Developer. Admittedly, I came into this role a little weak and rusty in terms of my web skills. I had just spent the previous year job-hunting and continuing to work at Waitrose, without doing much to maintain my knowledge of web development.

Nevertheless, I went in to the role determined to regain my skills and expand on my knowledge. This all began with... cropping thousands of pictures of kids for a 'Face of Pixifoto' competition? Not quite what I had in mind, but a necessary task to help out at the time.

Once the competition was rolling, I could finally get back into development. Initially this started with small projects, such as a social footer component to display links to various social media along with a live Twitter feed, but by the end of my time at Pixifoto I was building entire promotional landing pages, as well as the Marketing Emails that linked to them.

This role really helped me to get going again and gave me a solid foundation for my core web skills, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I also learnt a lot about responsive design and using frameworks such as Foundation.

Skills Gained

  • + CSS Frameworks
  • + ZURB Foundation
  • + Responsive Design
  • + Laravel
  • + Laravel Homestead
  • + SCSS
  • + HTML Emails

Skills Reinforced

  • ++ HTML
  • ++ CSS
  • ++ Javascript
  • ++ jQuery
  • ++ PHP

Bluestep Solutions // Front End Web Developer

January 2018 - August 2020

Bluestep Solutions is a design and marketing agency based in Blisworth, Northampton. My role at Bluestep was as a Frontend Web Developer building bespoke websites for a variety of clients.

After the unfortunate closure of Pixifoto, I was left job-hunting again. Not wanting to let my skills deteriorate, I put a lot more effort into finding my next role, which eventually led to me finding Bluestep Solutions.

I was initially hesitant about an agency job, as working as an internal developer on a singular website had felt like a very safe way to develop my skills. Regardless, I went into the role ready to prove myself and learn even more.

My initial tasks started off quite small, mostly just building individual pages that a Senior Developer would then stitch together. As time went on, I learnt more about taking a website from concept to final product and eventually began working on projects as the lead developer. I learnt to work with Graphic Designers to round out beautiful designs, as well as with Account Managers to plan projects and keep clients up to date.

The main skill that I learnt during my time at Bluestep was utilising Wordpress to create websites. Due to it's pre-existing backend, Wordpress became my go-to solution for creating a website that the client could independently keep up-to-date, long after the project is complete.

My time at Bluestep helped round me out as a much more competent developer, and saw me work with a number of clients, including MMG, Fenston & Cromwell and Isaac Mercer. I was also introduced to the process of building a full website, from initial client meeting, through wireframes, stylescapes and the build, and finally pushing the website live. I also found that I much preferred working with multiple clients, versus my previous job, as it gave me a lot more variety in what I was building.

Skills Gained

  • + Wordpress Development
  • + Project Planning
  • + Working With Clients
  • + Wireframing
  • + Adobe XD
  • + Setting Up Domains
  • + Setting Up Hosting
  • + Laravel Forge
  • + SVGs
  • + CSS Animations
  • + SASS
  • + Bootstrap
  • + Roots: Bedrock
  • + Roots: Sage
  • + Email Signatures

Skills Reinforced

  • ++ HTML
  • ++ CSS
  • ++ JavaScript
  • ++ jQuery
  • ++ PHP
  • ++ Responsive Design
  • ++ Laravel

My Top Skills

Front End Web Development

Responsive Design
CSS Animations

Back End Web Development

Wordpress Development
Laravel Forge


Laravel Homestead
Project Planning
Adobe XD

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